Persol Made By Hand Short Film

Ever wondered how a bespoke pair of glasses are made? Well Persol offers up an introduction in this charming little short film which is littered with intricate design processes. It’s fascinating to see so many complex stages transcend into a product that in it’s finalised stage is so simple, clean and elegant.

I love the fact that so many companies are opting to go down the route of becoming a little more transparent, getting their consumers in on ground level because it sieves out those genuinely striving to make a product the best it can be, and those trying to make a quick profit. I quite honestly believe Persol are the former and not the latter, their shire attention to detail is quite inspiring to see in the video below.

I have to hold my hands up and admit I wasn’t aware of how rich in heritage Persol were, with the groundwork of the brand being laid way back in 1917 by Giuseppe Ratti. I’d really suggest heading over and reading up a little more about Persol, when a company can boast 94 years of experience in an industry they’ve got to be creating some quite remarkable products.


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