Shared Respect for Craftsmanship – FIN/JPN Friendship Collection by Artek

One of the companies I respect the most is Artek. Given the size of the company and how much they’ve grown you would think a lot of the bad traits of a commercial company might seep in. In all truth, even though their success has steadily increased over the years, you can see that they haven’t made any compromises in the quality of their furniture and objects. They have always been focused on the craftsmanship behind their products and staying true to their concept of ‘good design’ across the board.

Japan and Finland in particular seem to go hand in hand. Maybe it’s their fondness for nature or their interest in minimal design, so to mark the 100 year anniversary of diplomatic relations between Finland and Japan Artek have produced the ‘FIN/JPN Friendship Collection’ where they have collaborated with leading Japanese and Finnish designers, architects and craftsmen. The collection itself is a reinterpretation of classic designs from the Artek range.

Keeping up the quality is one thing, but reinventing these classic objects and furniture is not an easy feat either. So Artek have been smart and have teamed up with other individuals who are also concerned with quality and have unique stories behind them. This time they showcase indigo dyed stools, interesting handmade clay objects, also a range of Artek furniture that features unique artistic colours by architect and artist Jo Nagasaka. I’m happy to see them supporting Japanese artists and makers, something also close to my heart, and I look forward to what else Artek do in the future. More about this project and the makers behind it can be read on the link below. Enjoy.


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