Various Ceramics from Tokino Kumo Store

Since I brought across the Rosenfield Collection last week I’ve been on the browse for some more ceramics, until this morning I hadn’t been able to match that same level of quality and originality as previous selections. I found the answer to my woes in Japan within a wonderful little webstore called Tokino Kumo which was harbouring these stunning pieces of handmade mastery.

I don’t think it’s easy to come across items like we’ve showcased above and below here in Europe, there’s definitely something in the age old techniques that the Japanese use to make their products so special. The set of plates in the final image for me is just mind blowingly beauitiful, it’s so simple and subtle. I guess we are just big fans of that understated simplistic look here on the site, because it’s something that seems to transfer across all facets of design that we are interested in.

I can’t help but congratulate whoever captured the imagery for these, they’ve met each product with the perfect amount of textual contrast and natural light, it just oozes that rustic character. From what I can decipher (I can’t read Japanese) this collection features a range of creators, all of which have products for sale both on the online and in the physical store in Nagahama town.


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