Chocolate with Hazelnuts from Homegrown Swedes

Chocolate with Hazelnuts from Homegrown Swedes image

December is a great time of year for fellow foodies isn’t it?! The cold weather draws us all around the table to consume a selection of heartwarming food. It’s not often that this topic reaches our blog, aside from the odd kinfolk inclusion here and there, but since Christmas is nearing I thought I’d mix things up a little and get into the seasonal spirit. Although Sanna Liedgren hasn’t reached our archive before I’ve always enjoyed watching over her recipes on Vimeo, having highlighted her husband’s filmmaking previous with visits to Mano’s pottery and the Kiki design store in Stockholm.

Today we’ve got somewhat of a teaser if you’re enticed by the taste of chocolate, as Sanna showcases her very own recipe for a great seasonal snack. With all the measures and instructions included, she puts together her own rustic hazelnut chocolate which I’m sure is a firm favourite with fellow family and friends. Perhaps you could have a go yourself and see what twist you can add to this classic bar, I often work to a filmed recipe in the kitchen as you can see first hand the techniques needed and the end meal you’re aiming for. William Hereford is another individual worth following on that score, if you don’t find what you’re looking for on the Homegrown Swedes website which is always being updated with fresh Scandinavian inspired food.

As always I’ll leave the link for this just below so you’ll have no excuses to not go and check these delightful offerings out first hand. I’d imagine this isn’t too far away from the traditional Italian Gianduja chocolate which is made with hazelnuts in a paste, tasting close to Nutella but in a bar form like Sanna has created. If you missed Oscar’s previous films we highlighted I’d recommend taking a watch via the search bar above. In the meantime however I’ll leave you all to watch the video and see what you think for yourself. Enjoy!


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