Herbst Project By Clemens Wirth

I wanted to highlight the talents of Clemens Wirth to everyone this morning, the young creative is known for his fascination of macro projects. Today he brings us his latest working which is a title sequence created for a drama titled Herbst which releases in Austria early 2012. Clemens works always seem to hold such a cinematic approach, be it somewhere he has discovered on his travels, or something he has handcrafted like we have here today.

Using miniature characters as subjects Clemens crafts this beautiful handmade set which is complete with snow fall, running water and small explosions, so as you can imagine he has gone to great lengths to get the overall look he wants. Working on such a small scale not only means that Clemens has to pay such meticulous attention to detail, he has to find new and inventive ways to achieve what he wants.

The size of the set has worked in his favor in this piece however, as it allows him complete mobility around both scene and subject. We get to see some wonderful intricate movements from the camera with sweeping pans and tilts across the tiny set. With the film releasing in 2012 we are yet to see any teasers which I do believe Clemens is working on as we speak, so if you enjoy this be sure to look out for more of these in the near future.



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