Liberia ‘77 Documentary Trailer

Just by chance I happened to come across this captivating short film which doubles as a trailer for a longer feature documentary titled “Liberia77”. The project follows the story of two young Canadian born brothers, Andrew and Jeff Topham, who emigrated with their family to Liberia in the 70’s as their farther worked for a company that produced explosives for the mining industry.

Eventually the family packed up leaving a childhood paradise for the boys of endless beaches, thick jungle and exotic pets behind to return to Canada. However when the brothers decided to revisit some thirty years later they found Liberia to be a very different place. What had started out as a personal voyage down memory lane quickly became a harsh realisation of the problems that modern Liberia now faces.

This looks like a remarkable and inspiring story, I personally can’t wait to see this on my DVD shelf. I think one of the main things that this short reemphasized was the sheer importance of the still photograph, I still don’t believe that rolling footage can match the power of a frozen frame. This however is a debate for another day, if you’d like to learn more about the project after viewing this you can follow this link, Watch below.


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