Short Film on John Pomp Studios

I don’t think I could ever grow tired of seeing glass being blown as it’s such an enchanting process seeing the material transform from one state to another. I just wish there were more short films of this quality around, I get really excited when I stumble across short docs like we have here today as I know how few and far between they can be. I can’t complain though as this piece on John Pomp’s Studio in Philadelphia is a real treat to finish the week off, which I’m sure lots of you are going to enjoy.

The film itself provides quite the insight into the close relationship that John has with his team, something which is so crucial when working with glass given the break neck speed required to insure the glass doesn’t solidify before being formed. You can tell they each have absolute trust in the ability of one another and know what is happening at every stage of the proceedings, so it’s hardly surprising to see the perfection found in their final creations.

I loved the fact that they’ve taken the time to handcraft their collection of tools as it shows how passionate they all are about working within the studio. I think people often forget how important the design is of items that they’re using on the daily, I guess they know exactly what is required for each tool so they can form these accordingly. I’d imagine their workplace would be a fantastic studio to visit, the atmosphere seems pretty relaxed and everything about it embodies a sincere and personal approach.

We only get a quick glimpse of the finalised light so I’d suggest you take a quick click across to their webpage and see what else they have created. Their work can be found in showrooms across America and I’m sure if you contacted them through the website they would be able to quote you a price. In the meantime press play below and take in a little of this wonderful craft, enjoy!


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