Furniture and More from Sit and Read

Sit and Read has been a place to check on the regular for many people, becoming extremely popular amongst the furniture savvy in the last few years. If you don’t know already, this company was founded by Kyle Garner who when working in New York in 2007 as a production designer couldn’t find space to store all of the props and furnitures for his sets. So he decided to start selling them to clear out space and as word spread about his cool selection he started a blog of his own, titled Sit and Read, as a way to catalog the inventory. Sit and Read soon opened a small storefront on Grand Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and has now collaborated with many menswear designers redesigning their stores and kitting out their spaces with pieces from his own inventory.

You can really see why all these designers want to work with Kyle, his vision and taste is quite timeless in its appearance which I’m sure will make Sit & Read popular for many years to come. What I like about the website is Kyle’s photography, which has progressed tenfold over the years and gives us an insight into these beautiful products and the materials in which they’re made out of. Today this imagery from Sit and Read’s online shop is the perfect added bonus to my day, I’d recommend you have a look for yourself and admire the close-up shots. In particular the ‘sold out’ items offer a great variety of past goods that they’ve sold, it’s just a shame that you can’t click on them all. For now enjoy what I put together below.


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