Furniture as Rooms for Objects – ROOM by Erik Olovsson & Kyuhyung Cho


More and more I’m searching for the playful nature in design. Possibly derived from my liking of the Eames duo, particularly Ray Eames as she was often the one who brought her artistic talent to the forefront of their industrial work. In fact, a lot of the symbols created, such as the bird and the elephant, have become rather iconic. I think it’s important to have a functionally sound item, but there has to be a quality of enjoyment when revolving around such an object as well.

These furnitures designed by Erik Olovsson and Kyuhyung Cho titled under the name ‘ROOM’ have both functional and playful elements. Using plywood they’ve created furniture as rooms, giving each object a house where it can reside. The actual system consists of 25 stackable blocks and a low table with various geometric voids inspired by architecture. An appealing aspect to this collection is the fact that you can build and make your own compositions, rearranging each block to suit your needs. As well as that, this design can spread quite far in terms of the finishes to the wood and the idea that you can purchase add-ons depending on what objects you have acquired.

But most importantly, it’s a fun piece of design! Whether used in solitary or as a group, these furnitures provide ever expanding possibilities of configuration and unexpected juxtapositions that are sure to intrigue and inspire the user. And this is most valuable overall. Here I present some photos by Gustav Almestål of Erik Olovsson and Kyuhyung Cho’s work, more can be seen on their websites via the links below.








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