FUTURE PAST – Antiques & Objects Explored by Ryosuke Harashima

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It’s interesting how designers and artists alike are attracted to very similar worlds. You often see those with similar ideals as yourself congregate in the same locations or make the pilgrimage to those works by different design icons.

Tadao Ando is an architect in which I have always admired, and seeing Japanese designer Ryosuke Harashima’s recent exhibit presented in one of Tadao Ando’s buildings meant it had to be shared here. It just looks like such a great experience to admire and ponder these objects up close in such a space.

Just as Tadao Ando has pushed the envelope for architecture, so is Ryosuke Harashima with this furniture and object series titled ‘FUTURE PAST’ that combines classic Japanese antiques with modern form.

Set amongst the minimalist concrete walls of Tadao Ando’s architecture, this offers the perfect backdrop for this other worldly experience that rings the senses as you try to decipher Ryosuke Harashima’s particular angle as a designer. It’s not that clear at first.

Working closely with craftsmen in Japan and taking a strong interest in classic Japanese design, especially antiques, he has been able to put his own twist on interpreting them as objects and giving them new meaning. Meaning for us to decide upon.

Although functional, sculptural and architectural, there’s a sense of history behind them which makes them such an interesting topic to run with. I can’t wait to see explored further.=! Japanese antiques are obviously novel for Westerners as we are not used the cultural elements that are present in the design, but there’s beauty and value in taking what was and making it new. Bringing forth the past to make the future.


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