Imagery of Hans J. Wegner & his creations

Not too long ago Mark brought across some really beautiful looks at the work of internationally celebrated Dane Hans J Wegner, so I thought it would be a little while yet until we’d be visiting his work again. However I was browsing through a few of my favourite destinations on the web earlier and came across these charming photos that I hadn’t seen shared elsewhere, so I couldn’t resist snapping them up. They basically give a visual summary of the designer himself, his creations being handcrafted and his finished product being used in everyday life, so this set goes full circle really.

I’ve included the picture of John F. Kennedy sitting in the round chair as it actually has a bit of a history attached to it in the fact that Mr Kennedy and Richard Nixon took part in the first ever televised election debate in 1960 while sitting in a pair of Wegner’s creations. In recent years president Obama has also been pictured perched in another of Wegner’s chairs so Han’s work is held in pretty high regard by the American government. With not too many designers having presidents for customers I can’t really think of a greater mark of stature as a designer than this.

What I really love about what we have here though is the opportunity of getting to see the craftsmanship that goes into creating each piece of furniture by Hans. It’s remarkable to think each one of these is handcrafted as they just look so perfectly matched to one another, you can tell Han’s is a real master. It’s only when you follow the details of the wood grain that you realise each piece has it’s own personal touch created from the delightful textures found deep within the tree it once was.

A real genius in my eyes, Hans is a designer worth learning a little more about. So to view more why not head over to the PP Møbler page where more photos and information can be found.


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