Light & Transparency – Furniture by Design Studio Facture

The simple but colourful designs of Facture Studio definitely have a child-like feel and a modern edge that is sure to put a smile on’ face. The geometric shapes use different shades and tones, although creative there’s definitely a feeling of timelessness thanks to the minimalism in the design.

Facture Studios describes itself as a multidisciplinary art and design studio that experiments with light and transparency. They see the process as an art project that combines chaos and precision. They use a house hand dying process that allows them to get customised pigmentation and high-quality finishes.

When it comes to tables, Facture uses designs that range from traditional to downright unusual. One more traditional model is the Ripple Table. While this table has the conventional structure of some kitchen tables, its gradient bright blue colours produce a ripple effect that makes it anything but typical.

A more unusual take on the table is the 2 Way Shift Box. The stacked cube design adds a playful element, and the rectangular shape means it can be placed upright or on its side. The unusual tone is born of a mixture of five primary colours and its resin core. The overall effect is a purple/blue/red mix that is positively luminescent.

The furnishings Facture produces delights the senses and challenges the imagination. Though distinctly modern in style, they can be placed anywhere where a sense of colour and imagination is welcome. I’m definitely getting James Turrell vibes and can’t wait to see what other fantastic designs are made in the near future.