Maruni Autumn 2011 Furniture Collection and Project Interior Shots

This morning I decided to bring across some imagery from furniture company Maruni’s website, my last post on the Maruni Collection by Naoto Fukasawa in early 2011 was very popular but this one offers up something different.

It’s a selection from the website’s catalogue for Autumn 2011, basically showcasing two new styles that they’ve added to the collection. One being the Roundish chair designed by Naoto Fukasawa and the other the Lightwood chair designed by Jasper Morrison. The latter one caught my attention in particular due to the fact that it’s been nominated in the furniture category for the Design Museum Design of the Year 2012 award. It’s easy to see why, such a fluid form with the legs almost ‘swishing’ backwards towards the floor. I’m really in awe. You can see this piece in the fourth image from the top.

Obviously Naoto doesn’t disappoint either, his forms are always spectacular, take for example the chairs in the photo above at the Australian Red Cross Blood Service building. The Hiroshima chair is an older style but it’s absolutely spectacular and is quite deep sitting, interesting how the back sticks out and really gives it a stark look. Quite futuristic.

Also, I thought it would be fitting to compliment this post with photos such as the one above and the one third from the top, it just seemed right to see these objects placed in their natural environment. If you’re interested in this functional aspect as well you can see more by heading towards the projects page where they’ve worked with various different companies such as Monocle and Helsinki Bakery in Japan.


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