New Solutions – Apollo System by Swedish Design Studio Office for Design

When designing any object it’s not enough to just think about the design and be done with it. To really make works of true functionality, especially those suitable for mass production, you have to think about the materials used to save costs in various ways without compromising the overall quality of the piece. For me the most interesting aspect of furniture design is the fact that with a bit of planning and thinking you can create modular systems that transcend just stand alone furniture by grouping them in unique ways. This is why I was drawn to this system titled Apollo by Swedish based design studio Office for Design.

Founded by American born industrial designer Shane Schneck, they have won various awards throughout the years and it’s obvious to see why. Apollo is a modular co-working design system that’s manufactured in Italy. The idea was to produce a piece of furniture that was aesthetically pleasing on a budget, thus they designed a modular leg that could be easily flat packed and assembled.

Much of the solution is down to the leg module that is made from a simple folded sheet metal and an inexpensive cork screen that acts as a divider. I really like the simplicity and innovation in this design and urge you also to research this kind design in your own work. It will open you up to a whole world of concepts that a singular design just doesn’t slot in to. For more like this head on over to the page below, you will find some interesting projects on offer.