Purity of Material – The Pure Minimalist Furniture Collection by Amee Allsop Studio

Minimal design is the art of restraint and restriction, often cascading down through all visual elements, such as form and colour. Many people see this as limiting but in most cases the opposite is in fact true. With these boundaries in place you’re able to focus strongly on making the best piece of design possible. For this reason I was drawn to the work of Amee Allsop, an Australian architect and designer based in East Hampton, New York.

Her collection ‘The Pure Minimalist’ is a series of furniture that uses a light ash wood that has a clean but lightweight appearance. Linking this with a white upholstered linen creates for a functional piece of furniture that you can actually sit in and use. Apart from stools and more traditional pieces of furniture, this functional aspect of modern design is often overlooked so I’m pleased to see Amee has thought about this and has implemented it in to her design process.

An aspect that intrigued me the most were the thick legs on the bench and tabletop that have been contrasted with a thin but light looking top. At first I wasn’t too sure on this mix, but this style has grown on me and showcases her talented for exploring form and how it looks aesthetically on the eye. There is just the right amount of thickness to the legs. Here are a selection of photos from her portfolio but more can be found on the link below.