Raw & Natural Materials – Furniture by Danish Designer Jonas Edvard


I’ve been admiring this fantastic work by Danish Product Designer Jonas Edvard. Educated at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Denmark, he has gone on to create some brilliant pieces of design. This includes lighting and furniture, but I can really see his ideology going much further and it will be intriguing to see where he takes his portfolio in the next few years.

The reason for being initially attracted to the work was his concept of experimenting by hand and using a mixture of mediums to explore his own creativity. For example the two newest series are Terroir and Gesso. The Terroir series contains a new material developed from seaweed and paper. By combining the two materials Jonas Edvard and his friend Nikolaj Steenfatt have created a tough and durable material. Harvested in Denmark, they were interested in incorporating local materials in to their production. I think it’s a great idea. On the other hand you have the Gesso series that consists of lamps and side tables. These are made from a biocomposite of Limestone and bio-resin, which is fairly unusual.

One thing I especially like about their work is that they start with the material and work onwards from there, much like a craftsmen would. Not only are they designing the pieces, but they are also producing them by hand and really figuring out all the details as they go along. I think it’s a great way of working and shows that their industrial design is not one dimensional, it has real character and a unique flavour. Here’s a few photos from his portfolio that I liked, showing also the origins of some of the materials. You should definitely keep an eye on Jonas.











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