Simple & Precise – Woodwork by German Workshop Stattmann Neue Moebel

Usually I prefer flat and muted colours, working in harmony with the environment that surrounds the object. I suppose artists are the exception to this rule, as they tend to make work to stir feelings or emotions, but objects have a very different function to that of a sculpture or a work on canvas. In my opinion too much of anything can affect the way you feel and take away from the actual functionality of an object or the harmony of a room.

These beautiful functional objects seen here by German workshop Stattmann Neue Moebel captured my attention, not only thanks to the aesthetic but also because of their approach to the design process and their long lineage of working with craftsmen and designers to make pieces that can stand the test of time. The workshop itself is situated in the countryside close to the village of Ascheberg in Westphalia, Germany. Established by August Stattmann in 1896, today the workshop is headed by Nicola and Oliver Stattmann, fourth generation to succeed this family business. Both took traditional apprenticeships in woodwork, with Oliver being a master cabinetmaker and Nicola specialising in product design and art direction.

I think Nicola has a special role to play in the company with her clean and modern aesthetic, matched with the craftsmanship led by Oliver and the rest of the makers, as well as the collaborations with a few talented designers from around the world. This is definitely a company to watch out for, check out more works like this on their website linked below.


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