Layered Elegance – Plywood Laboratory’s Woodwork

Plywood Laboratory's Woodwork 1

We’re spotlighting the innovative PLYWOOD Laboratory based in Hokkaido, Japan. This dedicated team merges traditional techniques and modern design aesthetics, creating pieces that blend natural wood with vibrant colours for unique functionality and artistic charm. The ‘Villa Document Tray’ stands out with layers of premium Hokkaido-grown wood interspersed with colored recycled paper, delivering a visually striking and practical desk accessory.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the transformative power of PLYWOOD Laboratory’s unique fusion of craftsmanship and design. Dive into our curated collection today and see for yourself how these captivating pieces can enrich your everyday life. Visit our shop now and let the exploration begin!

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Plywood Laboratory's Woodwork 2

Plywood Laboratory's Woodwork 3

Plywood Laboratory's Woodwork 4

Plywood Laboratory's Woodwork 5

Plywood Laboratory's Woodwork 6

Plywood Laboratory's Woodwork 7

Plywood Laboratory's Woodwork 8


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