New at OEN – Ceramics by Atsushi Ogata

Hakeme Ceramics by Atsushi Ogata 2

Atsushi Ogata is a talented potter based in Nara prefecture, known for its picturesque countryside and close proximity to cultural hubs like Osaka and Kyoto. His Hakeme cup, plate, and bowl are shining examples of his craftsmanship.

Each piece is carefully crafted on the wheel, and finished with a unique brush technique that gives the surface a textured appearance. Ogata’s love for experimentation is also reflected in his glazing techniques, which range from wood firing that lasts several days to digging his own clay for the perfect natural hue and texture.

We are thrilled to offer these stunning pieces in our shop and believe they are a testament to the beauty and simplicity of traditional Japanese craftsmanship.

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Hakeme Ceramics by Atsushi Ogata 3

Hakeme Ceramics by Atsushi Ogata 1

Hakeme Ceramics by Atsushi Ogata 4

Hakeme Ceramics by Atsushi Ogata 5


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