New at OEN Shop – Ceramics by Japanese Potter Shinobu Hashimoto

We’ve been waiting tentatively for new works to arrive from Japanese potter Shinobu Hashimoto, so we are pleased to announce that a new selection has been uploaded to the shop. I feel like this time we have a varied selection of works, including new bowls, tea containers and plates, but we have also restocked the mugs and small dishes from our previous collection.

One of the pieces that I like the most is the pot with brass handle by Shinobu. The pot has been made so that it can be heated over the stove and the handle can be taken on and off. Besides the functional aspect, the contrast of the glaze and handle makes for a special piece.

Anyway, I think all of Shinobu’s works are one of a kind and rare. We aren’t able to get too many of each piece, so it just speaks of his popularity across the world. You can now enjoy the new selection in the shop by clicking the link below.

Click here to shop pottery by Shinobu Hashimoto →


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