New at OEN Shop – Ceramics by Japanese Potter Shinko Nakanishi

Shinko Nakanishi’s work has been out of stock for a while now so I’m glad to finally announce a restock that will be arriving at our studio very soon. His mugs in black and white were especially popular and were only in stock for a few days.

Unique in shape and feature oil spotting all over, a characteristic of Shinko Nakanishi’s work that has become a bit of a trademark. A few new pieces are also available and I wanted to give the readers a chance to get any orders in before others see these works.

Make sure you check out the new teapot and dramatic looking bowl with pouring lip. This lipped bowl is especially nice with a glazed blue finish on the interior of the bowl. You don’t get much more distinct than that! Here are some pictures from the new collection. More coming soon!

Click here to see new ceramics handmade by Shinko Nakanishi →


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