New at OEN Shop – Updated Ceramics by Potter Shinobu Hashimoto

It’s not secret that I’m an admirer of Japanese potter Shinobu Hashimoto’s work. I feel as though he’s a little underrated compared to the other potters out there. I mean, his work is inconspicuous from afar but when viewed up-close you see beautiful details thanks to his advanced glazing techniques.

The white and black glazes have a crackle effect coming through to the surface that certainly makes them unique. I find the black especially striking thanks to the gold veining. An artist who makes such considered choices when it comes to his choice of finish shouldn’t be overlooked. We’re very proud to represent him here in our shop. He really is a talent!

Shinobu’s collection page has now been updated with new works and we have also restocked a selection of the objects that we previously stocked. Click the link below to have a browse on our shop. We hope you like them.

Click here to see new works by Shinobu Hashimoto →


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