Introducing Olli Salumeria

Keith Ehrlich, the man behind the Made by Hand film series, provides us all with further inspiring content whilst introducing a fourth generation Salumi Maker in the process. Working under another of his aliases “The Bureau of Common Goods“, Keith investigates all things Olli Salumeria which was founded by two close friends Olivero Colmignoli and Charles Vosmik in Virginia, America.

Curating the knowledge of their ancestors the pair set about complimenting age old product with modern techniques, and in doing so they’ve perfected and refined the art of Salami. Throughout the film we get to see the passion they have for their traditional style meat, which by the way looks absolutely divine. Having gazed over these mouthwatering offerings I think I may have to cycle to the local delicatessen in search of supplies for tonights supper.

Keeping my appetite off the agenda for a moment I found it really refreshing to come across a story based upon developing an idea, which later developed into a business. Projects like these always come from the heart, and you can really tell these guys love providing their customers with wholesome, hearty food.

Don’t just take my word for it though, watch below and head across to the Olli Salumeria page afterwards. What a great reminder for us all to shop locally and support the artisans within our community – Enjoy!