Bike Rider Series From Edouard Sepulchre

It’s pretty rare for us to return to a creative this quickly but I really enjoyed this fantastic set of portraits from Edouard so here we are again, this time with some of his photography opposed to a short film. I think sharing the second bicycle themed project in short secession is pretty damning evidence that Edouard is rather passionate about the sport, as he presents a friendly community feel in the set we have here.

The group in the set is obviously heavily influenced by the earlier cyclists, showcasing an array of vintage attire and equipment, there is a great sense of individualism embedded – I’m sure it must be quite a sight to see these all take off at the start of the race. If you’ve got some time to spare and want to see a little more on the topic a lot of these faces featured here are present in L’Eroica, another of Edouard’s short films.

It certainly does give you more of an idea of sheer passion of these riders and the enjoyment they get out of the sport. For many of the riders participating it is about reviving the atmosphere and community of cycling which seems to has to been lost a little as time has past. It’s fair to say they defiantly look the part, I’m sure I will feel quite plain on my racer as I push the pavement come lunchtime after viewing these.


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