Set Of Imagery From Minato

For many photography works as a platform that not only shares our experiences with others but also our passions. This can be said of Japanese creative Minato who has a very obvious talent for crafting beautiful edible creations that really leaves you wanting to reach into your screen and taste what you’ve been presented with.

This is a little different in some respects and strays off our typical topic thats been set but fundamentally this series holds an overall essence of what our posts are all about, passion, individuality and creativity. Stumbling across Minato’s beautifully crafted dishes has inspired me to look at the way I present food I create for myself and others, and has certainly reignighted the urge to try and create something that I haven’t made before.

With such a range of textures and colours in her portfolio Minato’s Flickr page is always interesting to visit, I’d love to find out the recipes for some of her edibles, hopefully she will produce a dedicated website in the near future. To view more of Minato’s cooking creations head over to her profile via the link below


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