Brian W Ferry Photographs Joseph Shuldiner’s Home & Studio

We shared quite the multidisciplinary creative yesterday in Herbert Bayer and by coincidence Brian W Ferry presents us with another one today in this beautifully taken photography set of artist, designer, art director and author Joseph Shudiner’s home and studio in California. One thing that gives us the most satisfaction is the connections you make whilst working online which often leads you from one project to another. Brian W Ferry is somebody we’ve been throwing conversations back and forth with for a number of years now and he kindly alerted me to his latest project this morning, which I’m sure many of you are really going to enjoy.

This series was taken back in April in Los Angles where Joseph is typically based, however Brian has been so busy he’s only just released this online now. I always find it fascinating to view the homes of creative people as they’re often the type of individuals that want to set themselves aside from the crowd, so unusual and quirky objects seem to be the norm and I love this type of thing. Joseph’s home is no different and throughout we can find lots of items that have been made by hand, be it his extensive collection of ceramics or objects he’s created himself in his own studio from organic matter.

As an artist Joseph pulls a great amount of inspiration from nature and often puts together a project entirely of materials he’s found out and about. On the left hand side of the eighth image we can see a prime example of this in the frame, which was part of one of his more recent experiments that can be viewed in more detail on his website. Here he explains that though “using willow, eucalyptus, leaves, paper and found objects, his work addresses the inherent tension between the natural state of his materials and the degree to which they are modified in the creation of his pieces”.

His main influences are the traditional Japanese shinto aesthetics, animism and case study architecture of the 1960’s, which is obviously where he’s acquired his considered eye for the natural elements. I don’t know about anyone else but these images fill my mind with lots of fresh ideas for the interior design of my own home, I love the idea of living more at one with nature and Joseph Shuldiner’s style certainly seems to encourage this in abundance. I’d really recommend following these two link below, Brian is always inspiring us and Joseph is someone I’ll be keeping a closer eye on from here on in too. Enjoy!


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