Photography by Jonathan Levitt

I’ve been leaning towards rural retreats in the architecture that I’ve been sharing with you all recently, so it felt natural to bring this rural element into the fold again today through photographer Jonathan Levitt. I’ve been really taken with Jonathan’s portfolio and his eye for an image that depicts the sustainable lifestyle, his photos have such poise and clarity in presenting a warming abundance of character.

Based in Linconville, Maine Jonathan has caught the attention of some of Americas largest independent magazines, as well as those known internationally such as Sports illustrated and a certain New York Times. He originally studied to be a journalist combining this degree with one in sustainable agriculture, an influence that is quite evident throughout his portfolio today. Judging by the tone, depth and clarity of these images I’d imagine that Jonathan is an avid medium format user, however whatever equipment he’s using he’s really mastered the art in my humble opinion. I just love the way in which he frames the light to subtly draw the viewers eye onto objects and details within the image, the balance he finds is really quite remarkable.

If you’ve not come across his “Grassdoe” blog before it’s one of the most inspiring online collection of images I’ve personally come across, so I’d really urge you to make a trip over there soon. It’s very rare these days that I browse through a photographers page and find so many images which I would happily frame and hang on my wall, but with Jonathan’s blog I was completely spoilt for choice. What I love most about Jonathan’s images is the fact they seem to summarise the most simplistic and humble lifestyle, which in fact renders them rather timeless for me. Technology will always run and develop but living amongst nature like we see here is something to be cherished and not forgotten, his photos serve as a great reminder to us all. Enjoy.


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