Further Imagery by Cody Cobb

I’ve returned to one of my favorite photographers of recent times as his latest body of work is really something special. Seattle based snapper Cody Cobb seems to have taken his work up another level with this set, these beautifully composited landscapes uphold a natural beauty which is a great promotion of rural exploring.

I love the fact that these scenes are so untouched, you can really tell the local wildlife is thriving without the intrusion of outside entities, it’s refreshing to see. Cody has this great ability to find the balance between a candid shot and a captivating one. He also seems to have a knack for positioning eye-catching center pieces which give his images a real depth of field, and that added attention to detail which you can’t help but appreciate.

It’s becoming increasingly evident that it’s worth keeping an eye on Cody’s photostream, I certainly will be keeping my own eyes peeled for updates in the near future. For those who wish to see more from this creative they can do via the link found below.



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