Set of Imagery by Rogier Houwen

I’ve never been the biggest advocate of black and white photography, the main reason being my love for vibrancy that colour can bring to an image. That being said I was really inspired by these two tone images by Amsterdam based photographer Rogier Houwen, so I’ve brought them across for all of us to admire. I think what is most impressive about these stills is that Rogier has been able to capture the essence of a quintessential summers day without the need of the warming yellow tones of the sun, which is no mean feat in my book.

I think the second image we have here has to be my favorite, it could be argued that it’s a little simplistic but I just love the subtle feel it holds – I don’t think I’ve seen such a natural image in quite a while. Viewing this you can just imagine the look on the young womans face as she slowly edges out into the lake, Rogiers works are very open to the imagination which is sign of a great photographer.

Another great promotion of traditional photography, for those interested in seeing more work from Rogier he also shoots in colour which is equally as impressive as what we have here, you can find the link to his website below.


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