Imagery by Ali Scott

Watching the short piece from Johannes earlier got me thinking, there must be some spectacular views that I haven’t seen over here in the UK, and with curiosity getting the better of me I went on a search over on Flickr to find some. I stumbled across Bristol based photographer Ali Scott and these stunning scenery shots taken when out exploring similar mountainous terrain, all without the need of a long haul flight – well if you live within the UK at least.

The set I’ve brought across here is just so tranquil and simplistic, I love the fact that it’s not screaming for attention, it just deserves it because of the meticulous composition and beautiful scenery. Ali’s been quite subtle in guiding our eye across these as well, placing distant subjects in his viewfinder which allows us to notice the intricate details of the landscape. He’s starting to build up quite an impressive array of imagery over on his Flickr photostream, I’d really recommend the first two pages if you’ve got a spare moment to enjoy this candid relaxed style of photography.


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  • josie

    lookin’ at the comments, i think they’re taken in Switzerland!

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