Mathematical Recomposition of Urban Objects – Lines by Sachiyo Nishimura


I’ve been admiring this project titled ‘Lines’ by Japanese photographer Sachiyo Nishimura. It’s an ongoing series that she’s been adding to since 2010, and here I present a few of my favourites from her portfolio. This particular idea of dividing lines is something that I’ve been exploring in my own photography, I was inspired by a man made wire that when captured through a lens was quite provocative and intriguing.

Well, it looks like Sachiyo beat me to it and has took it one further with this fantastic collection that you see before your eyes. Using a montage-type technique she’s been able to create complex line structures and unique viewpoints from such simple objects and spaces that the casual viewer often takes for granted. Here we can see wiring between railways, also electricity pylons that otherwise go unnoticed in our everyday environment.

For me these photographs are a reconstruction of an urban space, putting forward a new vision that is both complex and thought provoking. But I also think the underlying theme is to look at all the details, look closer at these objects and see the intrigue in the ordinary. It’s easy for us to walk through life and slowly become desensitised to normality, works like this bring us back to the moment and make us think about our own way of life and where we can source inspiration. Enjoy.