Personal Effects by Brian W. Ferry

Brian Ferry is a photographer who is currently situated in London, England, and used to live in Brooklyn, New York. Apart from having a very diverse set of photography in his portfolio, the travelling aspect obviously helps, Brian has a really good sense of style and definitely puts across an old school feel.

I really like this series titled Personal Effects, which is basically photographs of his items that he uses day in day out. For example we get a shot of his blackberry, sketchbooks, and various other items. You should head over to Brian’s cargo site, linked below, which is basically an online journal where he posts his photographs and thoughts, on his path to becoming a better photographer.

View more of this series below.

Brian W. Ferry’s Portfolio –

Brian W. Ferry’s Flickr –


  • Horvy

    Anyone know what kind of wingtips those are?

  • Mark Robinson

    I’m guessing a pair of Church’s … not totally sure though. If i find out i will put it in the comments section..

  • James

    The brogues are from Albam and part of their collaboration with Grenson. Hope that helps.

  • Mark Robinson

    Thanks for clarifying that James.

  • rach

    Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

  • Brian

    thanks a lot for the mention and the nice words — appreciate it! cheers.

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