Passport to Trespass by Mikael Kennedy

Mikael Kennedy was born in Randolph, Vermont, specialising in photography at a young age, he now works mainly in Polaroid. His photographs have quickly gained recognition, publishing his work extensively on his own blog as a promotion tool, and producing different books and zines. Kennedy recently brought his aesthetic to fashion photography, shooting lines and advertisements in Polaroid for top name brands and designers.

I recommend heading over to his blog below, which gives unlimited inspiration. Yesterday he also opened up his exhibit titled ‘Shoot The Moon’, showing at The Chelsea Hotel from the 14th April to the 2nd May. More information can be seen on his website.

“In 2002 I was twenty-three years old. David Lamb and I were leaving the blood bank in Seattle where we went twice a week to make 45 dollars selling our blood…I sold my blood to buy expired Polaroid film where I could find it, and when that didn’t work I would steal it… We had no jobs, we had no plan…..I told David that this was to be the plan: No plan. I said we’d ‘Shoot The Moon.’ Like in the game of Hearts, you collect all the bad cards you win, you get almost all of them but not all, you lose. So I started collecting my cards in the frame of a Polaroid.” – Mikael Kennedy