Between & Beyond – Sculpture by Ryosuke Yazaki

Between & Beyond 5

Japanese sculptor Ryosuke Yazaki, born in Tokyo in 1965, is a master of form and space, carrying forward a legacy of artistry from his renowned sculptor grandfather, Torao Yazaki. His journey in art began at Japan’s Nihon University, where he specialised in sculpture, later delving into postgraduate studies in the same field. However, it was a transformative sojourn to England in 1993 that broadened his artistic horizons, drawing inspiration from luminaries like Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth.

Yazaki’s sculptures, despite their often modest size, exude an enigmatic magnetism that transcends cultural boundaries. His choice of materials, ranging from clay to Japanese woods like Hinoki and Camphor, adds depth to his creations. An intriguing facet of his process is the use of abstract computer-generated design drawings, which metamorphose into tangible, celestial forms in his hands.

Yazaki’s art invites viewers not only to see but also to explore the spaces between and beyond his sculptures. These works are a testament to the profound union of materiality and emptiness, evoking timeless emotions and universal connections.

Between & Beyond 2

Between & Beyond 3

Between & Beyond 4

Between & Beyond 1

Between & Beyond 6

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