Capturing Elegance – Sculptural Heads by Kristiina Haataja

Throughout the decades artists have been fascinated with the human body and have used it as inspiration in their artworks. The body’s complex anatomy and the unique features of every person has been studied in detail. Fine artist and sculptor Kristiina Haataja has been highly interested in the expression of certain parts of the body. To show her appreciation of its beauty she creates sculptures from metal and clay that captures specific areas in an abstract way.

The sculpture focuses mainly on the upper parts of the body, including the head, neck, shoulders and chest. She aims to capture the elegant and often delicate characteristics of these parts. Formed out of her curiosity to see what can be created when Ancient Greek sculpture meets the Post Modern Cubist form, Kristiina has developed an interesting style called ‘Ancient Cubism’. This style uses the principle of simple lines and shapes, highlighting the geometric patterning that’s needed to achieve a physical representation of a human head or torso.

Her range consists of two types of work: Pieces made from clay and pieces created from metal. The clay pieces have a soft look and feel, while the metal sculptures display simple, fine lines and curves that accentuate this feeling. The neutral colours she uses throughout the range complements the subtle look she aims for.

Kristiina attaches great value to quality and the authentic aspect of art and design and, therefore, carefully sculpts each piece by hand. It is evident that Kristiina takes her time with each sculpture, ensuring she explores every line and curve carefully. She mostly allows the material, either clay or metal, to guide her in the soft rounding of shape and the subtle lines seen in each piece.

These pieces are ideal centrepieces for any space. It’s subtle colours, mixed with the stronger and harder characteristics of the materials she uses, make these works stand out, no matter the background. We have attached images here from her handmade range and also her recent collaboration with Cooee Design on a mass-produced range. Both look stunning!


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