Fabricated Structure & Form – Works by Australian Sculptor Morgan Shimeld


Maybe it’s because I myself am interested in these subjects, but I find it intriguing how so many creatives are also attracted to the concepts and aesthetics of modernist design. Obviously I think there’s an attraction towards the structure and form of the modernist style, the lines are very strict and bold, the colours are also muted in tone, but I do think there’s something that runs deeper.

This work by Sydney-based sculptor Morgan Shimeld is based on similar principles, an artist who is also interested in the theoretical side of modernist architecture and design. His works are cast, welded and fabricated from bronze and steel, using contrasting block like forms to create unique angular structures.

I especially like the steel wire sculptures that offer an unusual take on the solid forms, reminding me of the initial stages in which you would elaborate on to create more three-dimensional works. So here I’ve picked out a mixture to lead you in to some of his other work, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed when you flick through the other photos on his website.