Sleek Elegant Shapes – Sculptural Glass Vases by Glassblower Devin Burgess


I think it’s intriguing that I find myself being drawn to manufactured objects for their sleek elegant shape. Usually in the manufacturing process the form itself has to be reduced to the most important elements, leaving only the essential, and I see a similar pattern of thought in the work of glassblower Devin Burgess.

Devin is an artist and maker in Greensboro, Vermont and works with hand-blown and surface-treated glass using subtle colours and delicate shapes. What I noticed is that he tends to blow funnel forms that peak at a certain point, he says these mimic industrial objects that have no frills or added details. Personally, I love the simplicity of these vase like shapes and love the fact that they’re so flowing, making them aesthetically pleasing on the eye.

It’s also interesting how these pieces are photographed next to one another, almost as if they are staged in that way to give the appearance of a piece of architecture. I think this is why I’m drawn to architecture because of the translucency and the fact that it gives you multiple layers to work with, rather than ceramic for example which has one and reflects light in only a few ways, excluding maybe porcelain. Anyway, I’ll leave you browse these fantastic sculptures, to see more like this head on over to the studio website linked below.