Hexa Vases by Vezzini & Chen Glassworks


The combination of form and function is always an interesting topic to explore. As someone who’s been trained to stick to grids and structured layouts, pushing myself out of this comfort zone is often a hard thing to do. The function and simplicity in a object often appeals to me at first sight, not necessarily the decorative aspect, but work that lies between the two can often be the most intriguing. Firstly is pushes an object in a totally different direction to normal, secondly it brings up a conversation on how we use and revolve around everyday objects.

Vezzini & Chen is a ceramic and glass company owned by Cristina Vezzini and Chen Sheng Tsang. Inspired by the structure and geometry of natural forms, they look to create unique objects for the home. All pieces are handmade at their studio in North London and I was particularly inspired by one of their newer glass collections titled ‘Hexa’.

Hexa, meaning to combine form, is a set of tumbler like vases with unique characteristics. They’ve used a cut and texture technique to create similar patterns to natural scenery. What I like about this is the juxtaposition between the elaborate and decorative foot, to the simplicity and quiet form of the top glass body. You can see from the close-up shot below just how much effort and time has gone in to making these fantastic pieces. This duo are very exciting and I can’t wait to see what else they have to offer in the near future. Enjoy.









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