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I love wire sculptures and wire work in general, it's quite a fascinating subject in my opinion as it's out of the general scope of what artists usually produce. People like Alexander Calder have originated in this from and have then expanded out into other avenues such as mobile work, or larger scu

This weekend I spent much of my time working, luckily enough for me though my job tends to revolve around research and I love taking in different information about creatives and designers. I recently talked about the new additions to my bookshelf in a previous post which included the likes of Ludwig

Juan Rayos is a Spanish based creative that takes photographs, films his friends skateboarding, and much much more. But what really caught my eye were these beautiful Moleskine pages in which he has created. Basically he’s took a Moleskine and has annotated each page with striking imagery and

Based in Atlanta Caleb Morris is an artist who makes no secret of the fact that he loves having the freedom of having a career doing something that he loves and being his own boss. He recently updated his blog with news of some sales of his artworks and commissions commenting that this is so [&helli