Connecting With Trees – Wooden Objects Handcrafted by Bird & Branch

Bird & Branch have realised that in a fast-paced world obsessed with mass production there is value in slow, traditional manufacturing techniques to create unique functional objects. The London-based designers craft a range of plates, bowls and vases from primarily British hardwoods with the main aim of producing something valuable while enjoying every part of the process. What makes their range even more special is that they only work with suppliers who share their values when it comes to environmental ethics, giving thought to sustainability as well.

Their main influences are classic Scandinavian design and timbers found in the UK. Scandinavian design principles include minimalism, simple lines, and functionality without sacrificing the beauty of the material used. This allows them to craft unique pieces with clean contours, flowing curves, and beautiful, natural finishes.

Trees are majestic plants that offer us so many benefits. It is Bird & Branch’s mission to do it justice and make something beautiful from the wood at hand. Browsing their range from their online store it is clear that they succeed in every part of the making process.