Emotive & Sensoral Qualities – A Selection of Architecture by Italian Design Studio MORQ

I’ve been thinking about the psychological aspects of architecture and how it plays with your mind to create a specific atmosphere around a build. It’s far more difficult to just say that the overall aesthetic itself creates an atmosphere of this kin, you also have to take in to account the sound, light, and a number of complexities that need to be experienced physically in person. Architecture is much more spiritual than people actually think.

Established in 2001 by Matteo Monteduro, Emiliano Roia and Andrea Quagliola is MORQ, an architect firm currently based in Italy and Australia. They are working on a number of projects that span residential, retail, and larger developments but have, in my opinion, shone on the smaller residential builds that almost hunker down and try to integrate deeply in to the nature surrounding them.

Often blocky and fairly static, which to me adds a sense of stability to them, MORQ has been able to nicely blend these in to the surroundings, using textured materials to create a unique integration between the colour of the land that’s rooted below. It’s great to see a studio tackling these harsher climates, trying to make simple, meaningful spaces that are working in dialogue with the conditions set out in front of them. I hope you like these pictures and will view more on their portfolio linked below. Enjoy.



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