Collection of Illustrations by Jen Collins

This morning I wanted to share the talents of Scottish Illustrator Jen Collins, showcasing this small series in which she brings to life a handful of her favourite music artists. It’s nice to see creatives letting their own influences and inspirations take such a direct route into their work, Jen embarked on this personal project when gazing into her vast library, at this moment realising she could create one art piece for every letter of the alphabet, dedicating each letter to one musician.

I’m sure there must have been several tough decisions as this project unfolded, as you all know music choice is nearly always mood dependent so really these are quite instinctive and very personal pieces. I’m a big fan of the way in which Jen has used colour in these workings, although she has not applied too much colour to the artworks this doesn’t stunt the impact that these select tones have, adding a welcome subtlety to the series.

If anything I think her select colour palette helps highlight the outline of each character, bringing our attention to the finer details, which in turn gives you an appreciation for each and every pencil stroke taken and the overall refined skill set of Jen. If you enjoy these as much as I do I strongly recommend heading over to her personal web page to view a little more, for those interested in purchasing any of her work she runs a small web store which will open again mid July.


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