Strict Composition – Abstract Art Prints by Danish Designer Berit Mogensen Lopez

I’ve recently spent some of my spare time studying photographic methods and how they’ve developed over the years. I was especially interested in Hungarian painter and photographer Laszlo Moholy-Nagy and groundbreaking Jeweler Margaret De Patta, who also thoroughly explored design and photography. Seeing how they used photographic paper to construct unique compositions from everyday objects really inspired me to think how colours and shape work in unison, wondering if they are individual elements that require separate thinking or if it’s a cohesive thing.

These abstract art prints by Danish designer Berit Mogensen Lopez really reminded me of the simplicity that these two famous creatives brought to the table. Berit is a Danish textile designer who graduated from the Danish School of Design. Since 2001 she’s been working in the fashion industry but has recently expanded in to product development within furniture textiles, producing rugs and geometric collages with her trademark style.

Here are some prints that I picked up on from her website. Not only do I think they would look great in any home, I also think she has a great eye for composition and using strict ideals to create her works of art. It’s interesting for me to see how she’s blending shape and colour to morph in to something totally unique. I hope you like these and will go on to view more on her portfolio linked below. Enjoy.


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