The Language of Architecture – Free Standing Sculptures by Matt Paweski

When I visit exhibitions or art galleries I find myself attracted to functional artworks, or those that question function in some sort of way. I’ve seen a fairly varied selection throughout the years, but usually they fall between the lines of something that purely functional and quite rigid, without little play. On the other end of the scale you have something that people can be involved with, walk through or touch, which a breathe of fresh air, but makes it hard to actually sit back and evaluate the piece form a distance.

These works by American creative Matt Paweski are small and come in groups, but similarly experiment in the space of sculpture, painting, and architecture. These contrasting elements juxtapose and contrast one another, making for a playful set of architectural forms that have varying angles and viewing points.

I also noticed some of the intricacies in the sculptures, such as the cut out locations in the wood, the precisions of all the cuts in the metal, and the simplicity in the components to connect these pieces. All of them look simple, but actually there’s a lot of precision and thought that’s gone in to them. It’s all in the details! Check out more work by Matt Paweski on his website linked below.


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