Ceramic Lighting by Heather Levine

As the tuesday winds down here in England I just wanted to quickly point everyone in the direction of a wonderful project that I came across late this evening, which I think will finish your day off nicely. I’m talking about the delicate creations of ceramicist Heather Levine, who recently created these handcrafted light-shades in aid of the interior design found in the Wildwood Restaurant, Portland, Oregon.

The Los Angeles based creative is known for making the ordinary interesting, taking simple objects like a lamp shade or birdhouse and creating room features that are as memorable as they are eye pleasing. These are so interesting and intricate I’m sure this restaurant must have lots of customers leaving with a lust for one of their own. It certainly must add to the experience, particularly as it starts to get darker outside, and with the open windows present it’s quite the relaxed ambience you’d want while eating out.

So after admiring these why not head over to Heathers portfolio and see what else she has on display. Her style is quite unique so if you’re looking for a little design inspiration of you’re own I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with the vast array of lamps, bowls and bottles waiting to be viewed.



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