Drawing Inspiration From Architecture – Atelier Vierkant’s Ricarda Series

The Belgian ceramic studio, Atelier Vierkant, knocks the merging of form and function out of the park with this series of naturally inspired ceramics. The Ricarda collection should be celebrated as a beautiful, comprehensive collection that shows a mastery of sculpting and color theory.

As an artist myself, one thing I always look for in a body of work is the use of textures. I can not get over how stunning the texture on each piece of this collection is. Each carries an air of being effortlessly crafted as if the textures occurred naturally on the surface, rather than being manually carved on by the ceramicist. I could easily lose myself in studying these pieces and find immense comfort in studying the patterns in the textures.

Outside of the textural element, each chosen color for this collection perfectly fits the collections’ inspiration, “Casa La Ricarda”, a beautiful home designed by Antonio Bonet Castellana. By using natural hues as well as hues from the building itself, Atelier Vierkant can create a collection that fits seamlessly into modern architecture.

I also love their use of shapes throughout this collection. Inspired by classic ceramic designs from when the house was first built, as well as creating new forms to add functionality to the space, a lot of ground is covered by this collection. Even with shapes ranging from small flower pots to massive planters, the uniting factors of texture, color, and finish make it obvious that each piece is part of the same collection.

While still creating functional pieces, this collection is able to allude to the idea of the role of objects in an interior, and how color makes us respond to them. I think Atelier Vierkant has done a beautiful job of creating a sophisticated collection, well suited for any architectural environment. Anywhere these pieces travel good conversation is sure to follow.



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