Ceramics by Naotsugu Yoshida

Looking back over the past few weeks we’ve been really spoilt in terms of creative talent, it brings me great joy uncovering all these individuals and hopefully I’ll be shining a bit of light on them in terms of exposure. Today we’re going to explore the work of Naotsugu Yoshida, a potter who lives at the foothills of Mt.Fuji, he’s a very talented individual who makes some beautiful pots of all shapes and sizes.

Before we get into the history and the background of Naotsugu, I know this sounds extremely odd but a lot of the pieces that I picked out almost look like they represent the surroundings that he lives in, basically the shape of Mt.Fuji. That’s probably quite a generic thing to say since most vessels go upwards towards the sky, much like a mound, but I can definitely sense his surroundings in his work and I reckon they play a big part in the textures and colours that he gravitates towards. When searching through Google images for pictures of Mt.Fuji I was heavily inspired so I can’t even imagine how he must feel living so close to the highest mountain in Japan.

Interestingly Naotsugu Yoshida studied under well known ceramic artist Taizo Kuroda, someone we’ve discussed before on the blog, with most of his works being made thin, often translucent, and showing the fine markings and slight irregularities thanks to the artist’s hands. We can definitely see whilst scrolling through these photos that Naotsugu has incorporated a lot of these aspects into his own work, but my opinion he has taken it up a notch. He’s experimented more with colours and materials and has pushed it a different way, a way that is both quirky and clean.

This is just a small selection that I picked out but there’s some more floating around on his website. You can also go ahead and search his name on the web as you’re bound to find some other photos as he’s stocked in quite a few Japanese shops, you won’t be disappointed.



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  • Janice

    Thanks for sharing. This is a very good blog. The wares are very simple yet very elegant. Cheers!

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