Conveying Unique Beauty – Fragment Series by Jang Hea Kyoung of Fict Studio

“Simplicity is the glory of expression.” These are the words of the famous American poet Walt Whitman, the words which resounded with me powerfully. Taking that as a motto in one’s personal life, or in one’s work can yield incredible, satisfying results. Sometimes, to battle the ever-growing complexity of the world, simplicity is the key.

The founder of an independent design studio FICT (From Craft to Industry) based in Seoul, Jang Hea Kyoung appears to live by these exact words. Her latest Fragment Series of simple, yet aesthetically pleasing vases, table top covers or even furniture made from marble and crystal resin shows off immense talent and creativity. The mentioned material, which is an inevitable consequence of marble making processing would simply become industrial waste, harmful to the environment. However, a creative mind can find value in the most unexpected places. Even in the bleakness of factories and industrial compounds. The finished product grants the beholder a sense of serenity and peace. I took a long time to reflect on why that was the case, and why something so simple could have such a powerful effect on me. It could be the slight beige colour, or the surgically precise shape of the vases that creates these feelings. In either case, each and every piece is uniquely beautiful.

FICT does not stop at marble when it comes to using unexpected material. They also use nacre (a traditional asian material) and foam. That’s true creativity if I’ve ever seen it! As one of the pioneers in using industrial waste for art and craft, Jang Hea Kyoung’s example should be an inspiration to all talented craftsmen and artists and all those aspiring to become just that. To create something out of almost nothing. To create beauty out of industrial wastefulness. To shine light into the darkness.


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