Design Through Upcycling – Glassware by Jesper Jensen

The concept of sustainability has become increasingly popular over the years. Consumers are gradually leaning towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Danish designer Jesper Jensen shares this passion for sustainability and follows the approach of waste recycling by design in his glassware pieces.

Jensen designs authentic, sustainable glassware, including glasses, jugs and vases constructed from discarded wine bottles. Each piece is carefully handcrafted to ensure optimum quality. The story behind the glassware is notable to me: The designer collects empty wine bottles every day while riding around his neighbourhood on a bicycle. Each bottle then goes through a 24-hour process, which includes getting washed and cleaned, cut, shaped and fire-polished. The last step in the process ensures that the glasses are strong enough to last and are then carefully packed in wooden crates made from old wooden fruit boxes. The journey from an empty wine bottle to a new, fully functional product is quite remarkable.

Jensen aims to create something beautiful without harming the environment with his design. The entire product is, therefore, made from upcycled glass. While creating a sustainable product is a priority, the functionality of the glasses, jugs and vases is also incredibly important. Each piece is well designed for practical everyday use, meaning it has a comfortable grip and is strong enough to last for many years to come.

The glasses and jugs have subtle curves to give it a more artistic look while providing a comfortable grip, and the vases have small branch detail on the outside surface. Each piece is unique with different colours, bottom shapes and thickness, and is cut and shaped by hand. While the range is valued for being upcycled, in my opinion the beauty of the design and its quality is the selling point. Jesper Jensen’s range of glassware is simple but striking and each piece will make a beautiful earth-friendly addition to any home.


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