Inspired by Primitive Tools – Hand Carved Stones & Marble Objects by Elementary

One common theme I’ve noticed among many sculptors is their love for collecting objects found in nature. Stones and shells are especially common, but when visiting the studio of sculptor Henry Moore my eyes were opened to how objects from the past, very primitive ones at that, inspired such work. Wooden and stone tools, as well as bone and other materials that we often connect with our ancestors were all present. It’s funny how these fundamental objects still strike a chord within our being even today.

When I saw these works by London interior design store Elementary they reminded me of this relationship and also highlight many of the thoughts I’ve had previously about why craft is striking to the core of functional design. The collection titled ‘MHT’ is a series of ornamental objects that are inspired by primitive human tools. Each one is hand carved from marble and shaped to be held in the hand, having smooth rounded edges and nice flowing forms.

To coincide with this series I also a selected a range of pure white stone objects that have been made in a number of shapes and sizes for their shop. Maybe the inspiration for these are not a derivative of primitive tools, but they are certainly aesthetically pleasing and simple in their construction. Here are a few pictures from their website that I thought you might like. If you have time I recommend having a flick through their portfolio as well, there’s some nice furniture on offer. Enjoy.